Using Articles Online And Offline To Market Your Business

Marketing your offline business with articles can be a smart thing to do. You could contribute to magazines, trade journals, and even newspapers demonstrating your expertise. An article is a business owner’s best friend – because you can do so much with it.

You can submit it to the popular article directories online, whereby you can get traffic back to your website. You can submit it to magazines for publishing, and you can even send in content to the newspaper. If the newspaper doesn’t accept your article, re-vamp it and turn it into an advertorial that you can run instead.

But articles are a great way to promote your business. All you have to do is write up a few articles per week and turn them into viral marketing pieces for you that you can use to get more people to your website. But how can you use these strategies in the real world where people live? Well it’s simple actually.

In whatever business you’re in, you could display an article of the week or an article of the day that your customers and clients can read before they meet up with you. These small articles are all that’s required to boost your credibility, and will help to enhance the trust that your customer and clients have for you.

Articles used in this way is worth it’s weight in gold. You can even make it viral by telling customers that they can take one home and share it with their friends and family. Make sure your phone number, email address, website information, and your fax information is included on the article. This way if someone wants to get into contact with you, they’ll be able to do so instantly.

Articles play a cornerstone in the world of internet marketing, but they can also play a huge part in marketing your business offline. All it takes is some creative thinking on your behalf, and you can use articles as a great way to promote your business. It doesn’t matter what you write about, make it clear, concise, and to the point.

A good rule of thumb when writing articles is to write 400-500 word articles. For some people this is daunting, and for others this is a walk in the park. Submit them to all of the content distribution networks, and also online to popular press release services such as This is more like a press release service, so with a little re-writing and speaking in 3rd person, you have a great chance of making your ad and press release a success.

Now that we know that it’s utterly important to market with articles, go out there and start using these techniques today to have the most success as possible in your business. Remember article marketing can be done both online and offline, so don’t limit yourself to the possibilities of using both mediums to get your message across simultaneously. This is a tip I learned a long time ago, and I’m still using it to my success today.

Good luck with making these tips work well for you in your business.

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