Network Marketing and the Gym – Common Ground

I was at the gym working out the other day and all of a sudden I began thinking about the similarities between network marketing and the gym.

When you first begin working out, it’s tough. It’s so tough in fact that many people quit and never come back. In network marketing, I often see people quit before the end of their first six months in the business.

When you first begin a routine at the gym, you do not see immediate results. It takes consistency and commitment before you’ll see results. The same is true with your business. You will not see immediate results. It takes time to develop customers and build a team.

I remember when I first started working out, after twenty minutes I was completely wiped out. As time went on, I was able to handle longer workouts and add more weights to my circuit routine. In your business, it will take time to learn about the company, learn about the products and develop a marketing routine that works for you.

The day I was thinking about all of this, I was doing circuit training, going from machine to machine. Each machine is different. Each machine works a different muscle group and each machine in my routine has a different weight amount on it. Each relationship in network marketing is different. Each person will have different needs and different expectations. It will be up to you to help meet those needs and expectations.

After I had been working out for a few months, I saw a change in not only my weight but also how I felt overall. Results were starting to show. I was becoming more and more motivated to work out each day as I knew I was going to see results. I also add weights and test out the new weight. You’ll find this is true in your business also. Work toward your first customer. After you have your first customer, begin working on your second customer. Each person you come in contact with might want the products you offer. You’ll never know until you ask.

Those who work out at the gym never stop working. They come in each day ready for a complete workout knowing consistency and commitment are the only way to see results. Apply these same principles to your business and you’ll see results there also.

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