More Online Marketing Tips For Chiropractors

There are several options for marketing your practice online. Here’s a few ideas to consider: They all share some basic advantages, most are inexpensive, they can be implemented quickly and you’ll get fast feedback on how they are working.The disadvantage to online marketing is the results are not as pronounced as traditional marketing. What I mean is, you won’t get as many new customers as quickly as a successful off-line campaign. With direct mail for example you can rent a targeted list of people between 50 and 58 years old who are martial artists in your area (it could have 2000 names). But it’s much harder to get a list like that for an online marketing campaign.The best online marketing opportunities are:1. “Pay per click” ads that are linked to a good direct response “Landing page”.The “Landing page” should be capable of converting at least 1 out of 30.2. Targeted email list rental. In this case the email itself is the direct response letter, that’s designed to get them to either call for an appointment or take some other action.3. EzineArticles like the one you’re reading are a great way to acquire new clients. The more articles you write (or have written) about the benefits of chiropractic care the more clients you’ll get. The articles have to be linked to a direct response type page (Landing page).Why not send the visitors directly to your main website?Well, the design of a main webpage is to look professional. It’s designed to give the visitor many options for navigation. The main website is designed to appeal to a variety of visitors. They maybe new prospects, returning clients or current clients. The main website needs to have a broad appeal.The Landing page on the other hand should be very clean, without any distractions. It’s purpose is simple, sell the service. There are very few links on the Landing page and once a visitor leaves a landing page, that’s it, they usually don’t revisit it. But a main website will be visited repeatedly.Think of the Landing page as a direct response sales letter. It catches and keeps the attention of the visitor long enough to get a positive response. The Landing pages get the visitor to take some kind of action.Online marketing probably will not be the only marketing you do, but it maybe the most profitable and predictable.

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