Market Home Inspections Efficiently

Home inspectors are largely a profession that is marketed mainly though referrals and on Websites. Marketing directly can be a time consuming activity. It is important that home inspectors learn hoe to market their services in a time efficient manner.Technology is great overall. It can also be a big time waster if not used correctly. The Internet is a great example. It is vast and there lots of web pages to read and applications that can be used. By using some of those applications and reading only those web sites important to what you are looking to learn about you can accomplish tasks more efficiently. For example I have an application on my cell phone that allows me to check in my location letting others know where I am and what I am doing, This application is also connected to a social media site. With this application on my phone I can market myself by tiny reminders to others the type of work I do and where I am currently located.Email marketing is a fantastic way to get your message out to all the people on your contact list. The program I use can be set to send out an email when I wish it to go out. I often will create the email message at night while in bed watching television with the wife. When done creating the email I will schedule the email to go out on a specific day and time of that day. Creating the emails has gotten to be fairly quick because of the experience and practice I have attained through use of the system. I also have the ability to copy a past email message and use it as a starting point for the next email message, Once the format is created all I need to do is to copy, edit it, save, and then schedule the email to go out.As a home inspector gets busier and busier the amount of time available to him or her gets very limited. the challenge becomes one of finding the ability and time to conduct home inspections and still market your services well enough so as to stay busy doing home inspections. If one is inclined to an inspector could hire others to do the marketing for them. This would remove some of the personal marketing that I have enjoyed as I do office visits. It is a balance one has to keep. If not hiring a marketing person then you need to learn how to market efficiently.

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