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Why Do Direct Marketing?

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A business will never work out if marketing will not be included in your prospect. It is just too tough to go on with the flow of the business without employing direct marketing. Not all trades flourish because costumers come to you.

There are times when you will be the one to go after these customers. Now if you are dead serious with earning profit and making your commerce work out, you will be geared towards direct marketing.

It is important that you gather your leads and once you did this, ensure that you keep them in close touch. One form of direct marketing is via direct mail.

You can encourage prospect customers to avail of your service or your goods by mailing to them directly. If you are successful in convincing them then you can be rest assured that your trade will work out well.

Honestly, your earnings largely depend on the effort you concert. Through direct marketing, you can tell your potential customers what’s in store for you.

Give them news regarding what are your new services or products which they may avail of. You may likewise offer them good deals so they can be more attracted to your offer. You may wave right into their faces the possibilities of great discounts, promotions, and other freebies. Direct marketing is nonetheless your avenue of letting your customer become aware of what you can offer them.

Direct marketing may take the forms of email or snail mail. However, as per efficiency is concerned, the snail mail works the better. Due to the outbreak of the spam messages, your email can just merge with them. Or potential customers may think that yours is just another spam email. There are times when the customer may miss the chance of checking his or her email so you lessen the opportunity of counting him into your leads.

As with the snail mail as form of direct marketing, the potential customer’s attention will likely be piqued as he sees the letter from you. Email may be cheaper yet it is ineffective at times.

Through mailing as a form of direct marketing, you need to secure the exact postal address of the customer. As soon as you receive responses from that customer, remember not to tire out or bore him or her by sending out numerous forms to be filled out. He or she may not have enough time to deal with this and you risk losing them from your care.

You have to work out that your information gathering scheme must become a pleasurable experience rather than a chore assigned to him or her. Always top your mails with the promotional strategies regarding your business. After all, it is your primary goal. Highlight freebies and other wonderful opportunities that will prompt the reader to give you back a nice response. It is likewise a NO NO to ask very personal questions.

It is important that you make use of a friendly tone as you converse in your letter. You must not sound bossy or else you will not win the customer. Go for repetition.

Sending out only one mail may not prove successful. There are cases when the helpers misplace the mail so the supposed to be recipient fails to recognize the letter. Likewise, always request for return responses either through phone or mail. It pays off to include some free items in the envelope as this will trigger further interest from the customers.

Direct marketing has been proven effective through all ages. Much more, today’s modern era calls for a strict direct marketing stratagem for you to be able to keep in touch with the businesses’ fast paces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail Marketing

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Junk mail. Or, as my professors at New York University’s direct marketing program called it “unsolicited direct mail” (they refused to call it the “J” word). Consumers have a love/hate relationship with those catalogs, credit card offers, and coupon packages that arrive daily in their mailboxes. “Why am I getting so much? I wish they’d stop wasting trees. Oooh, look, I’ve been looking for a blue blazer like the one on the cover, let me see that…”

And that’s why people love unsolicited direct mail.

Face it, a catalog or two has caught your eye along the way. During its heyday, using unsolicited mail or prospecting via direct mail was a common way to acquire customers. As I like to say when people want to know “why do companies do that?” – it works. With direct mail, everything is accountable and measurable. If it didn’t work, companies would stop doing it. Hence the beauty of direct mail.

Based on the most frequently asked questions I get on direct mail from friends and family, here’s a brief Q & A on the joys of junk mail.

How do Companies Obtain Names for  a Mailing List?

Marketers rent mailing lists and use these to prospect or seek new business. They get mailing addresses from a variety of places. If you’ve bought something from a catalog company, they can rent your name out to another. Magazine subscriptions, charities, organizations, newspaper subscriptions and others are just a small sample of where your name and address pops up.

Do a test. Call a catalog company or go to their website. Make sure it’s a company you’ve never done business with before. Now ask to receive their catalogs and buy something small from the first one. When you sign up, misspell your name or give them the wrong middle initial.

Copright 2009

Now watch your mailbox and see what pops up 6 to 8 weeks later with the same mistake in the address. Now you know who’s buying lists. It’s an interesting test, isn’t it?

How Can I Stop All Junk Mail?

If you want ALL junk mail to stop, visit DMA Choice. Reputable companies use this list of people who opt-out, or state they do not wish to receive unsolicited mail, and suppress or remove your name from the lists. It won’t stop all your catalogs and other mail. If you’ve ordered from a company, they may continue sending you marketing materials – legal and legitimate. And of course, companies that run shoddy list management practices don’t bother with preference lists.

Direct Mail Just Wastes Trees

Less so than you think. Something close to 95% of all unsolicited mail does get recycled – and about that much is just reused into paper products anyway. Most catalogs are now printed on recycled paper with “green” or environmentally friendly ink. The industry is more environmentally conscious than you think. They just do a bad job promoting it.

Catalogs are Sent at Random

Nobody would invest thousands of dollars in rental fees, postage, printing and more to do something randomly. Direct mail lists are acquired based on strict parameters. The best way is to analyze your own database first, develop a customer profile to figure out who is most likely to buy, then look for lists featuring those customers. That’s the really simple explanation, but that’s how your name ends up on three catalogs for plus sized clothing – someone analyzed your purchase behavior and saw that you’re buy 18W sized dresses and knows you’re in that size bracket and that you seek professional, contemporary clothing.

As for not working, companies that work their numbers, analyze their data, and rigorously test new lists often get great results. Customers who buy through direct mail tend to buy more through direct mail. If the lists is right for the offer, it works.

Of course sometimes you just get on the wrong list. That’s why I keep getting catalogs for cigars.

I’d offer you a light, but I’ve never smoke a single day of my life, nor do I intend to begin chomping stogies anytime soon.

Making Direct Mail Work for Your Company

I’ve gone through some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about direct marketing that I hear from consumers as well as business owners. There’s one big question that’s the elephant in the room; what is a good response rate? To answer that question, please read my Ezine article,  “What is a Good Direct Response Rate” which will walk you through the basics of that very important question.

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Using Articles Online And Offline To Market Your Business

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Marketing your offline business with articles can be a smart thing to do. You could contribute to magazines, trade journals, and even newspapers demonstrating your expertise. An article is a business owner’s best friend – because you can do so much with it.

You can submit it to the popular article directories online, whereby you can get traffic back to your website. You can submit it to magazines for publishing, and you can even send in content to the newspaper. If the newspaper doesn’t accept your article, re-vamp it and turn it into an advertorial that you can run instead.

But articles are a great way to promote your business. All you have to do is write up a few articles per week and turn them into viral marketing pieces for you that you can use to get more people to your website. But how can you use these strategies in the real world where people live? Well it’s simple actually.

In whatever business you’re in, you could display an article of the week or an article of the day that your customers and clients can read before they meet up with you. These small articles are all that’s required to boost your credibility, and will help to enhance the trust that your customer and clients have for you.

Articles used in this way is worth it’s weight in gold. You can even make it viral by telling customers that they can take one home and share it with their friends and family. Make sure your phone number, email address, website information, and your fax information is included on the article. This way if someone wants to get into contact with you, they’ll be able to do so instantly.

Articles play a cornerstone in the world of internet marketing, but they can also play a huge part in marketing your business offline. All it takes is some creative thinking on your behalf, and you can use articles as a great way to promote your business. It doesn’t matter what you write about, make it clear, concise, and to the point.

A good rule of thumb when writing articles is to write 400-500 word articles. For some people this is daunting, and for others this is a walk in the park. Submit them to all of the content distribution networks, and also online to popular press release services such as This is more like a press release service, so with a little re-writing and speaking in 3rd person, you have a great chance of making your ad and press release a success.

Now that we know that it’s utterly important to market with articles, go out there and start using these techniques today to have the most success as possible in your business. Remember article marketing can be done both online and offline, so don’t limit yourself to the possibilities of using both mediums to get your message across simultaneously. This is a tip I learned a long time ago, and I’m still using it to my success today.

Good luck with making these tips work well for you in your business.

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Network Marketing and the Gym – Common Ground

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I was at the gym working out the other day and all of a sudden I began thinking about the similarities between network marketing and the gym.

When you first begin working out, it’s tough. It’s so tough in fact that many people quit and never come back. In network marketing, I often see people quit before the end of their first six months in the business.

When you first begin a routine at the gym, you do not see immediate results. It takes consistency and commitment before you’ll see results. The same is true with your business. You will not see immediate results. It takes time to develop customers and build a team.

I remember when I first started working out, after twenty minutes I was completely wiped out. As time went on, I was able to handle longer workouts and add more weights to my circuit routine. In your business, it will take time to learn about the company, learn about the products and develop a marketing routine that works for you.

The day I was thinking about all of this, I was doing circuit training, going from machine to machine. Each machine is different. Each machine works a different muscle group and each machine in my routine has a different weight amount on it. Each relationship in network marketing is different. Each person will have different needs and different expectations. It will be up to you to help meet those needs and expectations.

After I had been working out for a few months, I saw a change in not only my weight but also how I felt overall. Results were starting to show. I was becoming more and more motivated to work out each day as I knew I was going to see results. I also add weights and test out the new weight. You’ll find this is true in your business also. Work toward your first customer. After you have your first customer, begin working on your second customer. Each person you come in contact with might want the products you offer. You’ll never know until you ask.

Those who work out at the gym never stop working. They come in each day ready for a complete workout knowing consistency and commitment are the only way to see results. Apply these same principles to your business and you’ll see results there also.

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More Online Marketing Tips For Chiropractors

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There are several options for marketing your practice online. Here’s a few ideas to consider: They all share some basic advantages, most are inexpensive, they can be implemented quickly and you’ll get fast feedback on how they are working.The disadvantage to online marketing is the results are not as pronounced as traditional marketing. What I mean is, you won’t get as many new customers as quickly as a successful off-line campaign. With direct mail for example you can rent a targeted list of people between 50 and 58 years old who are martial artists in your area (it could have 2000 names). But it’s much harder to get a list like that for an online marketing campaign.The best online marketing opportunities are:1. “Pay per click” ads that are linked to a good direct response “Landing page”.The “Landing page” should be capable of converting at least 1 out of 30.2. Targeted email list rental. In this case the email itself is the direct response letter, that’s designed to get them to either call for an appointment or take some other action.3. EzineArticles like the one you’re reading are a great way to acquire new clients. The more articles you write (or have written) about the benefits of chiropractic care the more clients you’ll get. The articles have to be linked to a direct response type page (Landing page).Why not send the visitors directly to your main website?Well, the design of a main webpage is to look professional. It’s designed to give the visitor many options for navigation. The main website is designed to appeal to a variety of visitors. They maybe new prospects, returning clients or current clients. The main website needs to have a broad appeal.The Landing page on the other hand should be very clean, without any distractions. It’s purpose is simple, sell the service. There are very few links on the Landing page and once a visitor leaves a landing page, that’s it, they usually don’t revisit it. But a main website will be visited repeatedly.Think of the Landing page as a direct response sales letter. It catches and keeps the attention of the visitor long enough to get a positive response. The Landing pages get the visitor to take some kind of action.Online marketing probably will not be the only marketing you do, but it maybe the most profitable and predictable.

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Direct Marketing – One of the Most Effective Forms of Marketing Today?

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Direct marketing can be said to be one of the most effective forms of marketing today. This is because by this method, products are ‘directly marketed’ to a potential customer either by a telemarketer or salesman. This type of marketing has been around for quite a while but in the recent years numbers of such people carrying out direct marketing activities has increased by a large amount. Companies whether large or small find that this form of marketing brings them a lot of customer because of the ‘personal touch’ that is associated with it. You too could probably testify to have actually bought at least one product that was marketed to you in this manner.Does this type of marketing work for everyone?If you are a business owner looking to employ these marketing techniques, whether or not direct marketing works for you would depend on what kind of business you run and who you want to target. It would also depend on other factors such as resources and how much you are willing to spend on it. You would also need to consider what type of marketing you wish to take up.The types of direct marketing could be categorized into several types. Firstly, telemarketing, where products are promoted by calling potential customers. Secondly, email marketing and thirdly direct mail marketing. Other forms could include infomercials, distributing flyers and advertisements in magazines.Simply using these marketing techniques however will not get you the desired results. It takes time and a lot of hard work to get customers to actually purchase your products. You would therefore need help with good marketing solutions.Finding good direct marketing solutions:Several websites offer great help regarding this type of marketing solutions. For these marketing solutions to work effectively you would need to be aware of the issues that you are facing with your direct marketing activities. This could include poor customer satisfaction, delayed response, low level of sales and so on. Once you identify the problem you will be able to employ the direct marketing solutions that would help you deal with it the best.If you are not satisfied with finding these marketing solutions on your own however, you could also turn to a good, reputed direct marketing agency that will provide you with all the help that you need to ensure that you have a good marketing plan and that you see results of these marketing solutions.

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How to Instantly Make More Money in Your Direct Selling Business

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The Direct Selling Industry is filled with many opportunities. In fact, the opportunities are so abundant that you could literally buy everything you need or want in your life from a distributor of a direct selling company.

Despite the fact that there is such an abundance of opportunity, most people involved in the industry are not achieving their desired goals. Now, let me ask you some serious questions about your direct selling business. Really let these questions sink in and answer them honestly.

Where were you six months ago? What did your business growth and profits look like? How much volume of product sales was your organization (your downline) doing? What were you earning from your business in net profit? Are you sitting in the same place today, looking at the same computer screen, struggling to build your business, doing the same tasks (busy tasks), or even working on the same project of business growth without satisfactory results? Are you frustrated and struggling to truly develop a happy, productive, and duplicating organization?

How about a year ago, two years ago? Maybe you’ve been doing the same things over and over again for a long period of time and your business is in a hovering stage? Or worse, is your business in a decline rather than growth stage, with horrible attrition and shrinking income?

If your responses were like most people, painful and filled with struggles and frustrations, there is no doubt in my mind that the reason you are reading this is that you want to move your business forward in growth and profits, and develop your business so you experience that often dreamed about exponential growth. I know that you know that achieving such growth and profits from your direct selling business would definitely make your life easier to live, more fun, and even a more fulfilling experience.

There is one question you must ask yourself, especially if you are indeed no further along in growth of your business than you were six months, a year or even two years ago. The question you must ask is, “What is the reason I am no further along than I was six months ago?” Now as you ask this question, realize that your answers may point blame at others or even uncontrolled circumstances.

My best advice for you, if that is how you view your lack of success, is that you are the most important component of your success not other people or even other circumstances. Get that in your head and understand that you are the one and only one who can be in control of your business. While you do need others on your team, what others usually are afraid to tell you is the fact that your success begins with you and only you.

A point I want to make here is that it’s a well known fact that a massive percentage of people in this industry purchase a ton of books, CDs, e-Books, tools, and other resources. They even attend seminars and workshops, and further spend countless hours picking their upline leader’s brain for the breakthrough knowledge that will catapult them into a magical growth of business in a very short period of time. Yet, the majority of these people fail miserably.

While continued education is critical to your success, there is one missing element that most people overlook that prevents them from achieving their desired goals and dreams. This one critical element is so simple, and works like crazy, but most uplines and guru leaders fail to share this with you. They keep it as their secret (either because they are selfish or are afraid you can’t handle the truth).

But I am going to let the secret out of the bag because you deserve to know this. What you do with it from here is up to you. The fact is these people know you want to make progress in your business and truly want to work smarter rather than harder. This is why training from your organization and info products sell so well.

The problem is (and this is the real secret) that barely 10% of the people who buy a book or CD (or even attend a seminar) actually read or listen to the information in its entirety, never mind the even smaller percentage of people that actually take action on what they learned.

The truth is people buy an overwhelming amount of information and do absolutely nothing with it. I do this too. In fact, my wall of books contain books that I have never completely read and some that I only flipped through the pages when I bought the book. And the countless e-books in my computer files that were bought and left in the desktop dust is unreal.

You can actually start today and begin to cut through the overwhelming knowledge you already possess and achieve better results from your business building efforts. You can even do this if you are broke and have no money to pay your next mortgage payment.

Something every direct seller needs to know, especially if you are sitting in the same place you were six months ago, is the fact you are not making progress because you are NOT applying what you have learned.

I can say that with confidence because the majority of the books and information that I buy from other marketers teach similar methods that I use and have used for several years. In fact, most of the information you buy will be nothing new or even anything advanced. What works are the universal fundamentals. You need to learn them and then consistently apply them.

There is only one reason why your direct selling business will grow – because of YOU! If you come back in six months and are no further along than you are now, you did not progress in your business because you did not pay attention and take action on what I just told you. This is even true for why you are no further ahead than you were six months ago.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way – I’m not calling you lazy or anything even close to that. The fact is sometimes we all get stuck in this loop of never ending busy work on our business and keep doing things that keep us busy doing these same things over and over again because we think it’s going to make us successful or magically things will happen in your business. Yet, you have not taken the right actions, the real action, that helps you move your business forward in growth.

So here is the most important thing for you to do to make certain you progress forward in your business growth and profits. In fact, if you do this and do it consistently, you will guarantee your growth and profits improve. Here is what you do. Stop right now, right this second and take a look at yourself, your business, and what you’re doing. In fact, do this at the start and end the end of every day. Ask yourself, “Have I made progress in my business today?” If you answered no, you’re doing something wrong and you need to make a change in what you are doing.

Chances are you have kept busy rather than took the real action you needed to take. I find this is a common problem with most marketers and the reason people consistently keep busy rather than get in the real action is because they are trapped in their comfort zone and they are looking for solutions that are easy and simple that keep them in that comfort zone.

When you are faced with this problem, here is a simple to implement technique and is what you need to do to jump start your actions. First grab a book, CD, or any other resource that contains good information, which must be something you already have in your possession. Read that book or listen to that CD for ten minutes. Then invest another 10-15 minutes and write down what you learned. The final step is to apply what you learn. Consistency in application is the key.

Statistics prove that you will not progress forward if you only flood your mind with an overwhelming amount of new information. The secret to getting better results is not in what you learn but in what you do with what you learn.

In addition, ditch what is not working for you and get out there and start making progress, preferably today. That is, unless you want to be in exactly the same position next six months from now. Your success is totally in your hands and you get only one chance at this because time does not stand still.

Why not start right now? As an added benefit to you, 90% of other readers won’t start now and that is fine because it means more profit for you. Get out there and grab your piece to the multi-billion dollar direct selling pie. If you don’t, someone else will.

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Market Home Inspections Efficiently

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Home inspectors are largely a profession that is marketed mainly though referrals and on Websites. Marketing directly can be a time consuming activity. It is important that home inspectors learn hoe to market their services in a time efficient manner.Technology is great overall. It can also be a big time waster if not used correctly. The Internet is a great example. It is vast and there lots of web pages to read and applications that can be used. By using some of those applications and reading only those web sites important to what you are looking to learn about you can accomplish tasks more efficiently. For example I have an application on my cell phone that allows me to check in my location letting others know where I am and what I am doing, This application is also connected to a social media site. With this application on my phone I can market myself by tiny reminders to others the type of work I do and where I am currently located.Email marketing is a fantastic way to get your message out to all the people on your contact list. The program I use can be set to send out an email when I wish it to go out. I often will create the email message at night while in bed watching television with the wife. When done creating the email I will schedule the email to go out on a specific day and time of that day. Creating the emails has gotten to be fairly quick because of the experience and practice I have attained through use of the system. I also have the ability to copy a past email message and use it as a starting point for the next email message, Once the format is created all I need to do is to copy, edit it, save, and then schedule the email to go out.As a home inspector gets busier and busier the amount of time available to him or her gets very limited. the challenge becomes one of finding the ability and time to conduct home inspections and still market your services well enough so as to stay busy doing home inspections. If one is inclined to an inspector could hire others to do the marketing for them. This would remove some of the personal marketing that I have enjoyed as I do office visits. It is a balance one has to keep. If not hiring a marketing person then you need to learn how to market efficiently.

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Contemporary Real Estate Marketing Tips For Agents

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With technology today quickly advancing, many markets, many people’s lives are getting affected. Change in societies is rapidly occurring. These changes are visible to the naked eye as well. These changes actually affect even the real estate industry. Because of the advancing technology and the rapidly changing society, real estate marketing experts are left with nothing to do but to adapt to these changes.Because we are at a world where technology gets more and more advanced, societies are being reshaped, we should follow through. Real estate marketing is becoming more and more different than it was before. We have started to make use of the internet to put up our own real estate marketing sites. We have also started using blogs to market the properties we have. In line with this, here are some tips to follow set in the contemporary world setting to help you, fellow marketers, to succeed in the rapidly developing business.The first tip is of course, to create your own real estate marketing blog. Blogs are becoming a hit to potential clients these days. Those who would rather check on the properties available from the comforts of their home in from of their computers could highly benefit from them. They don’t really have to scour the area for available properties they could buy. These blogs aren’t only to advertise homes up for sale. They also have helpful articles to aid anyone who’s looking to buy properties.The second tip is to be more and more present, visible online. Couple the blog with your own website. A website is always extensive. It would have information on you as a real estate marketing expert. It would contain information, too, on your business. Your contact details would also be visible to many potential clients on the site.Because more and more people are getting into the online world for virtually anything, including online shopping, blogging and managing real estate marketing websites is the way to go. At least then, on the internet, you can find potential clients. All they have to do is browse your site and comment on your blog posts.Second, improve the way you market directly. Direct marketing homes have been experiencing changes as well. These days, it’s very important to be different from other real estate marketing business because, let’s face it it’s a competitive market. Try to change your direct marketing tactics. In your post cards, you could be more personal on them. Include your philosophies where real estate marketing is concerned. More people would like it if you didn’t follow the herd that use worn-out phrases.Add public relations to your business. A little PR could really help your marketing business. An article on you and your business on local papers would help boost your credibility. The free seminars you give on anything about home buying would also get you recognized. These are little things in real estate marketing that makes use of public relations but they’re a great way to get yourself and your business recognized. There are different ways to use PR in the real estate marketing business. You just have to be creative.Lastly, be more talkative. Talkability is a word you don’t find in the dictionary. But when you go to the business section, it’s a word that’s been used frequently. It’s fairly simple, if you want people to get interested enough to buy the properties you sell, talk to them, persuade them to buy the homes you sell.These are some tips in line with the changing society we have today. Hopefully these have been helpful to real estate marketers who have been in the industry for years and who are new to the business.

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Point and Figure Charts – Getting a Better Feel of The Market Direction

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Charts came into existence to visualize the changing numbers. Charts make the data analysis and identification of trends easy by giving a visual edge to the numbers, especially when the data is huge and is rapidly changing.Charts also evolved over time to make the interpretation of the data easier. There are various types of charts which are used in trading markets, right from line charts to bar charts to candlestick charts. One issue with all these different kinds of charts is that they all take into consideration every price movement. Candlestick charts give us a better picture because we only know the range of the movement during the selected time frame but still all the price movements are captured. While trading in Forex, stocks and other commodities, every change in price may not be really desired to be analyzed. Many changes in the price may just be like unwanted noises and these noises need to be ignored.A trader, primarily, would be interested only in knowing the real price movements which indicate a real trend or the break from a trend. To get the picture of the real market trends we use various technical indicators various traditional types of charts. Point and Figure or P&F charts are a cut above the others and present us an opportunity to get a feel about the trends even without the technical indicators. Point and Figure charts give the real feel of the market by filtering out unimportant market movements and taking into account the movements which are significant and which really matter. A trader, with his or her experience and skills, decides as to what amount of the change in the price should be considered as significant. P & F charts take into account only these pre-decided amounts of change in the prices.Components of point and figure charts:1) Box Size: Box size is the price movement in any particular market direction (up, down or range) which is worth noting. While trading Forex, we may consider a 10-pips move as the box size if the market is not very volatile. The box size should depend on the volatility and we can consider bigger box sizes when the market is very volatile. The P&F chart would ignore any market movement which is less than a box size.2) Reversal size: Reversal size is nothing but a change in the price which indicates that reversal in the ongoing trend may be taking place. Like the box size, we decide an amount (number of pips) as reversal size. If the price moves in the opposite direction to the ongoing trend and if the change is equal to or more than the reversal size, then only we would consider that the trend may be reversing.The best part of point and figure charts is that we can plot the chart manually because we do not have to take into account every price change but only the significant ones. A point and figure chart is plotted by using the “box size” and the “reversal size” and to give a clear visual feel about the market trends while ignoring the unwanted noises of the market. Simple trend lines can be used to see the resistance and support levels and the breakouts to make trading decisions.

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